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Want to bet on Formula 1?

The launch of a new exciting championship that will see these marvelous racing cars on the most beautiful circuits in the world is about to start. Obviously, ViewpointNigeria is also warming up the engines waiting for the traffic lights to turn on to start betting.

The Formula One World Championship includes a total of twenty races. There is a busy schedule of competitions and qualifications that will involve the circuits of China, Bahrain and Russia in the month of April; Spain and Monaco in May; in June Canada and Azerbaijan; in July the Grand Prix of Austria, Great Britain, Hungary and Germany.

The news on Formula 1 2019

F1 bettors are already preparing for the many innovations that will be introduced in the next Formula 1 season. News both in the sporting and technical field.

The new rules and regulations will cover wet starts and tires, up to the aerodynamic modifications of the cars. Here are the changes that will generally be implemented by Formula 1 for 2019.


For the first five Grand Prix races, the teams will not be able to choose tires. Pirelli will decide on the tires to be used for the race. In addition, the tires will have an upper ground footprint, 25% wider.

Engine penalty

At least until 2020, Formula 1 will continue to use current hybrid turbo power units. In 2019, only 4 units can be used throughout the championship


For 2019 it is expected that pilots will have to wear the same helmet during each Grand Prix, in order to allow easier recognition. Only on special occasions, for example during the Grand Prix held at home, the use of a special helmet may be allowed.

Safety car at the start with a wet track

If deemed appropriate, the race director will start the race behind Safety Car, unless the asphalt conditions are deemed sufficient to make it return. In that case the single-seaters will not continue with the start, but will return to the grid for a standstill start.


Wider tires will also mean a greater weight, which will add to the 20 kg increase decided by the regulation. From a minimum weight of 702 kg to 722 kg.

For the next season the opponent to beat will almost certainly be the dreaded Mercedes.

Well, now that you’ve been updated, position yourself on the starting grid of your sofa for another season of great Formula 1 with ViewpointNigeria!


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