Watching an event of sports is more enjoyable and exciting when you’ve placed a bet on the result. Why? It makes you more involved when a touchdown, a home run, or goal is scored, or ball flies into the crowd or your chosen horse run faster.

This makes the game even more interesting to you because you get to have that chance to earn cash. Online sports betting is a huge industry in Nigeria, and hundreds of betting sites along with so many betting options available are available. In fact, the whole thing can seem a little tricky and this is why you need to follow the strategies and take some time to understand the process of how to place bets online safely.

Placing money on online betting sites is quick and simple as long as you follow the necessary steps.

1. Open an account and log in

Open the betting website and provide your details to open an account and log in with your chosen ID. You need to deposit some amount to start the online betting.

2. Choose Sports

To place bets, you must select the sport you wish to bet on. There are many options here like basketball, baseball, football, boxing, horse racing, rugby and many more. You just need to select the sport which you have more interest, and you have good knowledge about the game and the sports team.

3. Find the Market

Upon selecting your sports, you then need to find the market you wish to bet on by selecting from the lists of competitions and betting types. It will show you the different available bets for your market.

4. Add to the Bet Slip

You then need to add the chosen bet to the bet slip, by clicking the related odds which displayed on the page. You’ll get a notification of bet slop afterward, and your selection will appear on the right-hand side on the online sports betting page.

5. Add Further Selection

On the bet slip, you will see a box in which you can put in your chosen stake. Once everything is complete “Place the Bet Button.” You’ll see options to place multiples and accumulators on the slip if you have added more bets.

Pro tip: We recommend to the beginner bettors to log and open your account and sign up on your chosen betting site that offers rebates payout every time!


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