2018 World Sight Day: Plateau Eye care team raises alarm over high rate of refractive errors & Glaucoma…

Eye is the most important and sensitive organ of our body. Thus it is obvious that like the other parts of the body it needs utmost care. But many a times, people do not understand the symptoms of weak eyesight like puffy eyes, red eyes, watery eyes, swollen eyes, itching and headache and often tend to ignore it. As a result, they end up deteriorating the vision of the eyes even more.

This was an understanding reached at Angware community of Jos East Plateau State on the occasion marking the World Sight Day 2018. A Team of Eye specialist under the name ” Eye Care team plateau state” Carried out free medical service and surgeries to the benefiting communities who came from far and near to the general Hospital in Jos East  LGA of Plateau State.

The  Head of Department ophthalmology, Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH)  Dr. O.O Adenuga says the team is there  to commemorate the World Sight day, with the Theme- Eye care Everywhere in collaboration with the Jos East LGA  and funds was provided for patience to have free Eye care.

some beneficiaries who spoke to Veiwpointnigeria at the venue express their appreciation to initiators of the event while giving an overview of their eyes condition.  Mr Azi an elder statesman explain that his eyes is sometimes blurry and red, he explained that fhis condition is over some years now.

Mrs Rose another patient says the condition of  her eye dates back to almost ten years when she observed some difficulties in reading but” as it stands  now  my eyes is watery”

professor Wade of the Jos University Teaching Hospital  (JUTH) explain that


 with my experience in this field we have seen many problem, knowing that that eye is the window of the body, a lot of people take eye for granted until the patient starts losing vision, or even lost vision completely before they would seek for any medical attention.  we have seen a lot of  people who perceived that when you are going blind and getting older its just part of old age and so they sit at home and don’t come to the hospital for check up.

prof.wade   added that refractive errors and glaucoma are conditions rampant on the plateau.

pictures in the news

short video of the event


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2018 World Sight Day: Plateau Eye care team raises alarm over high rate of refractive errors & Glaucoma…

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