Its perfect to harness this aperture to felicitate with Nigerians on this memorable and remarkable day on our historical tablets as a country .
The quest for our freedom have not been devoid of struggle ,tussles , agitations , commitment ,diligence, perseverance and focussed lines on the path of our heroes past with prime interest of ensuring the progress of the country in distinct spheres .
A group of committed and patriotic Nigerians travelled to London to interface with the British Colonial Secretary, Arthur Creech-Jones to demand political independence of Nigeria. These remarkable leaders of repute include ;Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Nyong Essien, P.M. Kale (from the Eastern Region).Others were Abubakar Dipcharima (Northern Region), Mrs. Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Dr. Olorun-Nimbe and Adeleke Adedoyin (Western Region). They were delegates of the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC) political .
The afore established individuals discarded parochial interest to catapult national interest as a means of motivation for the Nigerian project .
They suffered tribulations of all sorts that I can refer to as a discuss for another day .
Their is little doubt that our independence needs celebration , we have gain our freedom no doubt but the onus is vouchsafed on us to lean on collectivism for nation building .
Moshe Dayan ,once said Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.
The life cable was fought for of course , by our past leaders , little wonders Franklin D. Roosevelt once submitted and I quote ‘
In the truest sense ,
Freedom cannot be bestowed but it can be achieve’ .
The impact of the long struggle for freedom should replicate in evident display in our lives as Nigerians.
We should be able to typify the walk path of our heroes past and reflect with deep sense of soberness and commitment and to ask our selves some questions of whether or not we are living for our selves or for the country.
Man is condemn to be free ; because once thrown into the world, he will be responsible for what he does .That is a statement credited to
Jean-Paul Sartre.
We must unerringly be hold responsible for our actions and inactions which is an adamant law enshrined in creation .
The need to rise up to the occasion is an inevitable variable for a progressive Nigeria .
Our existence as Nigerians precede our being from a particular; Tribe , region and religion on the note of which we should seek for the interest of the nation in all honesty with the fear of God.
We should devoid of our origin reflect on certain questions and climax sincerity of whether or not if our forefathers who fought for this country would sight us in this state ,what will we tell them are the reasons for the underneath;
Why the farmers and herders clash ,even when we know we need each other in such a setting .
Why the appearance of the Boko Haram even when we know that Boko(School) is needful .
Why do we institutionalise corruption even we are well infirmed of its deteriorative impact on any growing country.
Why have we over time care less for the love for each other .
Why the quest for our division due to power tussles .
Why the division on religious line at a time we should be more united .
We is kidnapping on a rampant increase or are we saying that the kidnappers are aliens .
It was Williams Faulkner who once said and I quote ; we must be free not because we claim it but because we practice it.
We are free in deed but we must subject our selves to the virtues that are affiliated to change .
We have grown to an immense extend to even a rank of adopting CHANGE which is a maxim that has little or no bounds .
I must unequivocally doff hat to the leader of the progressives , The ambassador of change , the reification of leadership , the president with integrity , an astute embracement of a needed leader in rewriting the narrative in Nigeria ; President Mohammadu Buhari whose foot prints and leadership style has been peoples oriented that would liberate a common Nigerian devoid of his origin . I must use this open window to restate my confidence vis-à-vis a clarion call on well meaning Nigerians to toe my path in supporting the leadership style of our revered president . This country have been in the possession of its detractive either directly or indirectly and its revert to its lovers would not be without it suffering retrogressive impact from its enemies . We must rise up against the cynical vicious cycle of this wicked people that mobilising themselves to dethrone the God given position of the epitome of integrity President Mohammadu Buhari .
Happy independence day to all Nigerians both at home and in diaspora .
We must celebrate our independence with all sense of humor and happiness for the labour of our fore fathers . Nigerian son lift your head long and celebrate your independence for your liberation was not given but achieved .
This celebration in fact should not be restricted to the first of October alone but should be continuous for its impact in our lives there of.
Congratulations to us ALL NIGERIANS .
Long live Nigerian students.
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Amb. Comr. Mathew Dafoum Naankin (CNS)
Samani Yarda
Dafoum Naankin
Mathew Greene

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