The Leadership of the youth wing of VOLA lends its voice to the Statement and counter statements credited to Hon Solomon Dalung on the state of plateau, in this   interview granted to ViewPointNigeria’s Street Reporter Dakwom Longgul.  Timidi Nkat  the State Coordinator of VOLA (Vote Lalong Again ) Youth wing  responded directly to the question raised.

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Q1. As a youth and a supporter of the APC Government, how will you describe the comment by the Honorable Minister of Youths and sports, Solomon Dalung who is also a stake holder in APC?

 Standing on the grounds of reason, first as a Plateau man before being a supporter of the APC, I would say the comments made by the Minister is nothing but his usual display of insanity and incapacity, and of course signs of a man suffering from oral diarrhea. For some of us that are knowledgeable of the minister’s political dynamics, it is not a surprise that he is dancing the macabre dance of shame to cover for his huge failure as the ambassador of Plateau State in the Federal Executive Council especially now that Feelers reliably has it that he is first on the list of those to be sent home by the possible cabinet reshuffle of Mr. President. Though a stakeholder in the APC by the virtue of the position he is holding in the Federation, it must be said here that comments that sends quivers down the spines of leaders are those of politically rich individuals and not that of a one man gang who doesn’t even enjoy the support of his polling unit. And then, knowing that it is the hatchet job of one ‘Maiwada DanMallam’ who was hired from Katsina to  come and “pull down” the government of Simon Bako Lalong and help give Dalung a semblance of an upright man, one should not be disappointed in them sizing their thinking level.


Q2. Don’t you think there is about to be Faction going Forward?

Faction going forward?? No no no…. You only talk about faction with people that have the capacity to divide a house, not some political wheeler dealers like Dalung who can not command the votes of even his immediate family. I want to tell you, as formidable as the APC structure is in Plateau State, it is beyond the reach of a confused religious skimmer like Dalung to crack the house. Who will he be in the faction with? He contested and woefully lost against Lalong in the 2015 party Primaries and up to today, not even a single party member has his/her tent pinched with the so called Minister.


Q3.  Now taking the message and leaving the messenger, do you think the message deserve attention?

Well,  ordinarily, the opinion of a person with historical traits and traces of madness should not be attended to, you could recall that Dalung was relieved of his duties from the Nigerian Prison Service on account of his mental instability and was subsequently absorbed as a Graduate Assistant in the University of Jos even though with a 2:2 degree on the recommendation of late Baba Lar, but you see, when a partial sensed human is exalted to the helm of public institutions, every of his words must be straightened to avoid the risk of having a popular misinformation assuming the pride of truth.

Now, I will try as much as I can to set the record straight on some of the issues raised. First, he spoke about the debt profile of the state rising close to a billion. That is not only a lie, but an unacceptable level of political indecency by supposed elite. It is needless to say that the government inherited a huge debt of over N200billion amidst a triple economic down turn, a situation when the price of crude oil nose dived from a 140 dollars per barrel to as low as 40 dollars per barrel.

The implication of this development is that the state hardly generates enough money to foot its most pressing bills including the bill out that went into pension Salary, Pension and Gratuity backlogs and as you know, it is indispensable that government must continue to make deliberate efforts to meet with the yearnings and aspirations of its citizens. Haven said these, external sourcing of funds becomes near impossible and you don’t expect that in this situation, the government fold its hands and leave the people to be at the mercy scarcity. So, of course the government has incurred quite some amount of debt, but to say that it is near a trillion is totally political and outrageous. Even from his fallacious claim that portrays nothing but bereavement of the workings of governance, you can’t curve out a sum that’s anywhere near a trillion. Moving forward, to set the record straight, it is there in the public domain that in July of 2017, the Federal Executive Council which Dalung is part of okayed to secure a 1% interest per annum loan of N3. 38  billion payable in 25years from Agricultural  Development Bank (ADB) to be injected in various levels of the potato value chain in Plateau State. The loan obligation shall have the state government paying a sum not less than N529million as counterpart fund.  For those conversant with the operation of Development Banks and particularly ADB, administrative cost in a project are solely footed by the beneficiary state and releases are done in stages as the project execution progresses to avoid the high tendency of misappropriation. Now, the agreement which was at the instance of the Federal Government is at the preliminary stage and not a dime has been given to the state government or any of its agencies for that purpose. The data collection stage which is the current status of the project is solely funded by the state government from the monies they are expected to provide as counterpart. An advertorial was made check Thisday Newspaper of Monday, February 28th, 2018 for consultants to drive the administrative machinery that has already been put in place. Usually, one would easily think  that it is the effort of the state ambassador in the Federal Executive Council that attracted such a milestone achievement that is about to be recorded, but no thanks to his usual display of insane tendencies which has exposed him. Emphatically, not a single kobo has been given to government or any of its agencies to that effect.


On the Zaria Road Stadium, the government made it clear in its submission to the state House of Assembly of its intention to secure a loan of N1billion which is to be used for the completion of the moribund Zaria Road Stadium. To the best of my knowledge, the request is before the State House of Assembly. The politically invented N2 billion loan would have been waved with the hand if it was coming from someone else order than a glorified scout boy occupying a very revered position of the minister of the federal Republic.

The issue of his non inclusion in the scheme of things during the presidential visit is a complete show of shame. He was abashed that he didn’t enjoy the support of the Plateau people during the visit, but that should not surprise him, he should know that he is politically a dock blood that’s disliked by all since from time immemorial. No wonder, he has never won an election even in his electoral unit. I am aware that the state government provided him with a guest house like any other minister. I wonder what else he wanted. And that he wants or doesn’t want to contest an election against Lalong is not an issue of discussion. Dalung doesn’t have the political credentials to march a person of Governor Lalong repute.


Lastly, I want to say here that, instead of him trying to continue with this macabre dance of shame, he should apologize to Plateau people for putting the final nail on the coffins of their dreams of having an Olympic stadium which was birthed since 1979. Dalung as I speak is currently selling out portions of lands along Rayfield road that were freely donated by Plateau indigents for the building of an Olympic site to his cronies and tribesmen. It is expected that now that our son is minister of sports, the dream should be actualize and at the least, be left to continue hanging and not marred. All the same, that is what you get when a man who cannot keep his own house is given a position of leadership. I don’t need to say that he has not train even a single child up to secondary school level. His children are the thugs you have roaming the street of Kadima, Tudun Wada and Anglo Jos taking cheap drugs. Like the saying goes, a goat cannot give birth to a lion.

Thank you.

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APC Youth-Timdi Lambast Dalung again, says he a is man suffering from oral diarrhea.

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