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Are you someone who is direly looking forward to know the best betting site in nigeria for 2020? If answered yes, you’ve clicked on the right post as we’re going to tell you about the safest online betting sites in nigeria. We all would agree to the fact that online betting is one of the best ways of making additional cash and there are many who find this as one of the best opportunities to make money through a click on their PC or a tap on their phone.

Best Nigerian betting sites in Nigeria 2020 - A list of the most renowned and acclaimed

Online sports betting are a billion-dollar industry and it is anticipated to surpass $20 billion by the end of 2022. It is considered as a fast rising market at the current moment. Within a very short span of time, you’ll find bet nigeria being listed along with Russia and UK. In fact, UK is known to be the one among the most mature and old betting market all over the globe. Majority of their betting brands have been in business for many decades and hence they’ve developed enough reliability. As several Nigerian start showing interest in this area, here are few of the best betting sites in nigeria and the most visited websites in nigeria for them. Some of most visited sites in nigeria are here.


This is probably said to be the best Nigerian bookie as they offer lucrative bonus and discounts for the new customers. Bet9ja was launched way back in the year 2013 and since then it became one of the most-visited websites in Nigeria. They provide you with a wide array of betting options apart from promotions and offers. Bet9ja is the most popular sports betting site in Nigeria and they also happen to be one of the richest as well. However, in terms of spending and High Odds, their output is rather too slow.


This is yet another betting option in Nigeria and it runs in more than one location through the world. Moreover, Sportybet personalizes their services and products to reflect and fit according to what the users want. They research the market and takes into account local content but this is one among the best websites in Nigeria because they offer 10,000 Naira on the initial deposit. In Nigeria, most of them wish to make more money by incurring less risk and by involving less money.


Lionsbet provides huge possibilities and opportunities with product portfolio and they also include different variety of sports which include volleyball, basketball, football, hockey and volleyball.


This is a Nigerian-based sports bookmaker which caters specially to the Nigerian customers. Nairabet is a platform which is deemed to be one of the primary bookies of the nation as they provide a huge selection of promotions and odds. With this online betting platform, you can bet utilizing Naira. Moreover, you can get the best customer care service for this support team. This betting company is regulated by Lagos State Lottery Commission and it is said to be one of the biggest betting companies in Africa.


Merrybet is one of the newest online sports bookmakers that was founded in 2013 and with its gaming opportunities and promotional offers, they have managed to succeed well. Though they aren’t one among the best betting platforms yet they cover too many markets which are worthy considering for all new customers.


Customers based in Nigeria can seek the benefits of different bookmakers outside Africa and this is one of the most popular ones. This is a betting platform which is totally out of the crowd due to their competitive opportunities and broad market. Moreover, this is also a perfect choice for mobile customers as they have a wide array of mobile apps too.


The betting site called Betway also welcomes new punters in Nigeria to its sportsbook, poker rooms and casino. Each of these places has a welcome bonus for the brand new punters. Betway Nigeria is also perfect in different other areas due to its wide variety of promotions and their streaming capacities. This clearly means that they can be considered and can be totally worth it.


This is probably one of the largest exchanges in the online betting platform and the Nigerian players can get the best value odds with a huge range of sportsbook, poker markets and casino. If you consider the entire UK betting scene, Betfair is darling of them for more than one reason. For all those who sign up new, they have an incredible bonus of 100 pounds. To know more on them, you may check their official website so as to know how the betting exchanges work.

Therefore now that you’re aware of the list of the most common and popular betting platforms in Nigeria, what are you waiting for? Use any of them to start placing your bets and reap their respective benefits.

Online betting in Nigeria - The best online sports bookmakers on the market

For all those who are novices to the online sports betting industry will be subject to a sea of information once they search the web for details like the www.old bet naija on the online sports betting industry. The first-timers usually have lots of doubts on how the online betting industry works and this is why we’re here to give you the best possible answers to all your questions and we’ll also offer you a list of the best online sports bookmakers that are around, the promotions and gambling laws prevalent in Nigeria.

If you are interested in good offers You can also check:

Before you kickstart your journey in the world of online sports betting, you’ll find all the required details on this website – Viewpoint Nigeria. We’ll also suggest you with the best platforms that are deemed as both safe and reliable. Let’s start off without beating around the bush.

The benefits of Viewpoint Nigeria

Once you log into Viewpoint Nigeria, here are the few things that you may find:

  • Overview: You’ll get a comparison list of all the most important sportsbook providers in Nigeria.
  • Experience: We have earned several years of experience in working with the online betting industry and hence we’re able to offer you the best tips based on data
  • Guide on sports betting: We offer you the best tips on sports bets
  • Bonuses & promotions: We can let you negotiate some of the best promotional offers and bonuses with the online bookmakers

Viewpoint Nigeria – A list of the best betting sites for the people in Nigeria

We have a list of the best sports betting sites in Nigeria and check it out as soon as you enter our website. Those clients who are usually acquainted with placing their bets on their best players will remain aware of the plethora of bookmakers that are nowadays available to customers and the increasingly large numbers of platforms that are being introduced with time. Each of these sports bookmaker claims to be the best and this makes it tough for the wager to decide on the right one to choose. You’ll find all such answers to your questions on which one is the most reliable one as per your needs.

Free tips for football betting on Viewpoint Nigeria

For winning the best bets on your favorite sports, football, you should utilize our free football predictions and tips for better winnings. In the last few years, we developed this algorithm to give more accurate tips for the customers.

Bet with a betting app

You can get information on the best apps for mobile betting and you can download them from your iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

Sports betting – Who all are eligible?

Those who are located in Nigeria are allowed to place their bets as they’re 18 years of age and those who haven’t reached this age are deprived from both offline and online betting as per the laws. This is why customers require entering their correct details while registering with the online bookmaker.

How much secure is online betting?

Nowadays, most of the leading companies in the industry have their niche in the stock exchanges of Stockholm, Frankfurt and London which speak about their trustworthiness. Regardless of whether it is an international or a home-based bookmaker, you can stay assured that the platforms are 100% safe. Moreover, they also possess valid licenses from respectable authorities.

Gambling laws in Nigeria

The Gambling laws in Nigeria were introduced by the Criminal Act Code with the recent parts of betting being updated in 2004. Henceforth, majority of the various sports that are available for betting are legal to bet on.

What about taxes on betting in Nigeria?

In spite of the details regarding taxes on gambling industry, one thing can’t be denied that all customers in this nation will be taxed by a definite amount on the profits that they earn. There are few reports that speak of a 20% tax being levied on the winnings of sports betting but nothing is certain till now.

Sports & betting opportunities

With a wide array of betting sites available on the internet, how do you know who is better than the other? What are the types of bets that are available for Nigerian betting customers?

  • Classic earnings bet: In this bet form, you put in your money on the team that you think will win. In case of football, there is a chance of draw and this is called classic 3-way bet.
  • Handicap bet: Here the weaker team is offered fictitious points and bets on whether or not the team will win more points than the opposing team.
  • Live Betting: This has become extremely popular as you can watch live games on few platforms and predict who’ll be the next scorer.

Therefore, a sports betting comparison guide is certainly the best possible method of wagering online. Our website will offer you sports betting comparisons, information on bonuses, odds and much more.


Why to Trust Viewpoint Nigeria

Upon reading all our reviews and ratings, you may be wondering as to why you should trust Viewpoint Nigeria’s opinions. Well, we have years of experience within the industry and have a great level of knowledge with regards to the terms, conditions, services and features offered by these Nigerian bookmakers. Find with Viewpoint Nigeria, your perfect betting site!

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