Engr. F.S. Damang SDP House of Assembly Candidate for Mangu North-East

Congratulations to DAMANG Team
On behalf of the DAMANG Campaign Group, we want to sincerely appreciate all our supporters and friends towards our collective Victory in the bid for the membership of the State House of Assembly come 2019. We believe that the choice of Hon. Fwangmun Sule DAMANG as the legitimate flag bearer of the Social Democratic Party, for the forth-coming General Elections, is in the best interest of the people and the party.

We sincerely appreciate the resilience, unwavering resolve, calmness and consistent show of support given by all, during the momentous time preceding the primaries. We wish to extend an olive branch to all aggrieved members of the SDP political family for the attainment of total victory at the polls comes 2019.

We appreciate the good people of Pyem and Mwaghavul Chiefdom who work tirelessly to ensure the actualization of our dreams and aspirations for the good- people of Mangu North-east Constituency. we assure you that we will not betray your trust.

Therefore, we urge all our members and opponents to remain calm as we fashion out the robust strategy for an all-inclusive leadership and a rainbow coalition for participatory governance comes 2019.

We look forward to achieving the mandate of the Pyem and Mwaghavul people against all oaths.

Long live F.S. DAMANG
Long live Mangu Northeast Constituency
Long live Plateau State
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Engr. F.S. Damang SDP House of Assembly Candidate for Mangu North-East

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