Forum of PDP Local Government Candidates Frown at Indefinite Detention of Sen. Jonah Jang

Forum of PDP Local Government Candidates Frown at Indefinite Detention of Sen. Jonah Jang

Amb. Friday Bako
Viewpoint Nigeria
15th May, 2018

The forum of the PDP Chairmanship candidates, Plateau state is dismayed by the tyrannical, crude, rash, sadistic, despotic and broad daylight affront on democratic tenets and gross disrespect for the rule of law, the continued detention of former Plateau Governor and now a distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Da Senator Jonah Jang.

It has become the hallmark of the APC-led administration to ride roughshod over the constitutionally established legal and democratic processes in running the affairs of this country. The arbitrariness and misuse of authority by security and anti graft agencies is not only demeaning but a serious dent and embarrassment to our national image. Always making us a laughing stock before the rest of the world.

Detaining the distinguished Senator since 7th of May and rendering him incommunicado for this long, the EFCC has flagrantly violated his fundamental human right to personal liberty. It is unfortunate that the obnoxious, antiquated and draconian military era decrees that fizzled out with the advent of Civilian democracy is being systematically reintroduced by the supposed “democratically elected” APC government with reckless abandon.

The fundamental human rights provision is a constitutional entitlement of every citizen except if otherwise decided by a Court of competent jurisdiction.

Senator Jang’s indefinite and illegal incarceration smacks of impunity and breach of the relevant provisions that guarantees same.

It is a criminal offence in Nigeria to detain someone up to 48 hrs without charging to court and this government doesn’t give a hoot to this blatant illegality in its blind obsession to clampdown on opposition with primitive trajectory.

In light of the foregoing therefore, the PDP Chairmanship candidates forum is calling on all true lovers and promoters of democracy to arise and defend this hard earned nascent democracy by saying an emphatic NO to this unholy and unpatriotic anti democratic elements masquerading as democrats whereas they practice totalitarianism and tyrannic brigandage.

We call on the judiciary to rise to its constitutional responsibility as impartial dispenser of justice and custodian of the rule of law to do the needful. As voice for the voiceless, we are confident that they will guarantee the fundamental rights of the distinguished Senator as against the unwarranted infractions being perpetrated by the efcc and their cohorts under the guise of fighting corruption.

Section 36(5) of the 1999 constitution, as amended presumes every accused charged with any criminal offence innocent, unless proven guilty by the prosecution alleging, any position to the contrary, entitles the accused person bail by virtue of section 35(A) of the 1999 constitution as amended and 5 of the constitution hence if charging an accused person to bail appears impracticable, the security authority concerned is expected or enjoined to grant such accused person bail as enshrined in section 17PA, section 37 CPC, and section 77 of the police Act.

It is no longer news that the Apc led administration is persecuting Distinguished Senator Jang because of his towering track record of achievements that has precipitated myriad of calls on him across the country to throw his hat in the Presidential ring come 2019…The ruling Apc have suddenly developed Goose pimples, but who God has exalted, no mortal can pull down.

The PDP remains one formidable body in support of Senator Jang and genuine defenders of democracy who are poised to sack or terminate the political conundrum and democratic impostors come 2019 so as to pave the way for a new national rebirth that will restore Nigeria’s lost glory brought about by the 3 years of APC’s misrule and neo fascist inclinations.

God bless Nigeria
God bless Plateau state
God bless PDP
God bless Distinguished Senator David Jonah Jang (CON)

Sign:Kim Titus Danja-KTD

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Forum of PDP Local Government Candidates Frown at Indefinite Detention of Sen. Jonah Jang

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