G-17 Applauds and Commends JUTH Unions and Management for Resolving Strike

January 26th, 2018
Plateau Youth G-17 Peace and Progressive Forum


Health is wealth and healthy people are productive people.

The importance of health cannot be emphasized this is because a healthy nation is a productive and progressive one.

It is in line with the aforementioned assertions that we wish to register our pleasure to the management and employees of the famous and prestigious Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) for being able to reach the agreement that saw the prolonged strike being suspended.

The suspension is not only in the interest of the management but also in the best interest of the people who use the services of JUTH.

People who were sick and patronizes JUTH went through a lot. The once busy medical facility became a shadow of itself while the face-off persisted.

We are glad to know that the strike has been suspended despite the divergent views of the various unions and management.

We are highly elated that healthcare services which hitherto were stopped have now returned fully.

It is our sincere prayer that all grey areas will be permanently resolved.

We wish to thank all those who mediated in one way or the other between the unions and management while the strike was ongoing.

We are appealing to the unions and management to work in harmony to ensure such strike situation doesn’t resurface again due to its negative impacts on the people.
In the event of reoccurrence, adequate measures should be put in place to stem escalation and deterioration.

Thank you and God bless.

Mr. Dachung Musa Bagos
Convener, Plateau Youth G-17 Peace and Progressive Forum

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G-17 Applauds and Commends JUTH Unions and Management for Resolving Strike

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