FOR GOV. LALONG IS IT KARMA? – Rt. Hon. George Daika


I am not rejoicing over the crises Gov Lalong is facing even though truth be told, it is a case of shooting at one’s self. I only want to correct Gov. Lalong by pointing out his few wrongs and then advising him how to change.

Gov. Lalong has never appreciated the Plateau people who voted for him to the exalted office of a Governor! Several instances abound where Lalong got me and several Plateau people wondering what could be wrong with his reasoning.

One instance is in fact at a forum in Abj. before his swearing in, before a very large audience, he announced to the surprise of all that he gave former Gov of Rivers, Rt. Hon. Amaechi the greatest credit of his election victory as Gov! Don’t get me wrong, I know God does and gives through men, yes!

But despite whatever must have happened at the course of electioneering, the people of Plateau State MUST be appreciated over and above any individual or group! Of course you are aware of the saying, “the voice of the people is the voice of God”. Therefore, appreciating the people of Plateau is appreciating God. This Gov Lalong doesn’t seem to know.

To the matter on ground! Because Lalong fails to appreciate the plateau people, he could not put himself in the shoe of a Gov. Ortom who appreciates his! Gov. Ortom in his desperation to find immediate solution to the killings going unabated in his State, accented to the anti open grazing bill earlier passed by the State Assembly.

I am not in Gov Ortom’s mind but like him, I have led my people (Mikang, Shendam Quaanpan Constituency) as their Rep in the NASS and because of my closeness to my people, I can tell the feelings of the people especially when it concerns security of lives!

Benue people were dying, that you know, just as Plateau people have been dying (though Lalong denied this fact in his interview with the State House Correspondents).

The Fed. Govt under whose purview it is to secure lives and properties of Nigerians anywhere they are has consistently shown inadequacy to do it. Whether the lack they the capacity or the political will is another matter, but the long and short of it is that nothing or little was been done by the Fed. Govt to stop killings in Benue.

Need I remind you that Benue is led by the same APC as the central govt. The people cried abandonment and eventually sought a collective solution and found it in the anti grazing bill as an immediate remedy. And for a governor who is responsible for the protection of lives of all the people in the State indeed including the herdsmen, that appeared to be the only way out. He endorsed because Benue lives matter!

Unfortunately, Lalong faulted his decision to go with his people at no other time than on the day of the greatest grieve, day of mass burial! You spit in the faces of the entire Benue people alive and dead! You threw the age long brotherhood between the Benue and the Plateau!

You have stirred the anger of both the Benue and Plateau man! Everyone now knows you and you are on your own.

This has always been Gov Lalong since taking over leadership of the State, your people mean little compared to your inordinate ambition. You have not only displayed your unpreparedness for the exalted office of the Gov of a State but insensitivity towards humanity.

You seem very satisfied with yourself just paying salaries and jetting outside the country to enjoy your share (for your information the people say you fly out anytime the State gets an allocation). It’s no wonder you went to move the President’s visit for another time. Many were wondering what a busy President was coming to do, because there are really no projects to commission except of course those of Senator Jang!

For me I do not put a particular blame on either Herdsmen or Farmers because both have recorded loss of lives. Indeed in an area where the one has comparative advantage, the use it against the other and vice versa.

Naturally the one that incurred more casualties cries louder! I however put the blame on the Fed. Govt for complacency and failure to protect lives of Nigerians wherever they may be in the country. They have the security agencies under them whose role is to protect lives!

I believe Gov Ortom wanted first and foremost to separate the two fighters: Farmers and Herdsmen as an immediate remedy so that in conjunction with the Fed. Govt (by the time they wake up from their slumber) an lasting solution could be sought! This I think a governor who loves and appreciates his people will do to safeguard lives!

Finally my advice, appreciate the plateau people above any individual or group. They voted you they can also boot you out no matter who is behind you.

Remember the saying ones again, the voice of the people is…

Rt. Hon. George Daika

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FOR GOV. LALONG IS IT KARMA? – Rt. Hon. George Daika

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