1. Many have opined that your choice of words in the last interview with Longgul Dakwom of ViewPointNigeria was harsh and unstatemanly, do you regret anything you said?

Let me be straight with you –I do not regret anything I said. I am the father of the APC party in Plateau state, as such it is my duty to scold and call to order where necessary.

Bear in mind, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a product of the party and same applies to the governor within the context of the state.

The minister for some reason best known to him was on radio during the president’s visit, and what was he doing? He was trying to discredit what the president and the governor were doing in the town hall meeting.

He went on to say that politics and peace cannot cohabit. With a statement of such magnitude, what he is saying simply is that so long as there is politics there will always be crises. The question then is, what were we (collectively) doing at the town hall were the government and the president were unveiling the roadmap to peace? Frankly I was at a loss at such a statement!

As you are aware, the president finished his visit, went to the airport to depart and while other ministers were with him to see him off, the said minister from Plateau State was absent. He was all over town trying to undo all what the president and the governor had done in the two days.


2. So as the head and father of the party in Plateau state, what is would be your mechanism to reconcile the duo?

When your father is insulted in public, what do you do? The president is the number one citizen of Nigeria, the Governor is the number citizen of plateau state, and these two people made complimentary remarks suggesting that the outing was successful.

Mr. president was very happy with what the state Government had done and then you have a Federal Minister telling the world that Mr. president is making a mistake.

Typically we will call such a one privately to scold him or call him to order, but because he had gone public, he needed he public rebuke! You can imagine the minister saying that the speakers at the town hall meeting were Arangee speakers, you can imagine the CAN Chairman, Chairman of JNI etc! Who is Arangee among


3. The very public tussle between the duo has led to many embarrassing revelations about the APC, for instance –Dalung alleged that the commissioner of information was sacked from his job at FAAN for corrupt tendencies –what is the plan on ground to reconcile Dalung and the Governor to forestall any further embarrassment?

On the allegations he has raised about the Hon Commissioner, I cannot comment because I don’t have the facts which prove that the Hon Commissioner was sacked or not –so the burden of proof lies with Dalung. He needs to bring his proof forward –not just making unsubstantiated claims to score cheap political points. My anger in the entire situation is directed at Dalung and no one else.


4. With the fast approaching elections and the APC house which appears divided against itself, what is your plan to get your house united again?


As a responsible party, we owe it a duty to resolve such unfortunate circumstances, and we are doing everything possible to contain the difficulties. But in my opinion, what is a real tragedy is when an important scion of the party takes an internal/family matter and goes straight to the media with it, without recourse to party rules and guidelines –that is truly unfortunate.


5. In the mudslinging, one of Dalung’s aides alleged that you are the most corrupt personality in the Lalong administration –saying that you collect monthly largesse from transition committee chairmen –could you respond to that please?

Well, I have read that rubbish! And I thank God that the people who made these allegations are known (they are not ghosts) –hence I have directed my lawyers to commence preceding’s with these individuals, because the allegations they have raised are criminal matters. And I shall let allow such weighty allegations to be made against me callously –as such my lawyers are preparing a brief to meet them in court.


6. Give us your thoughts on the perpetual attacks on the Dong and Rafiki communities –which are both only 2 miles away from the largest military armoury in the middle-belt, yet suffer uncontainable attacks.

As a state and Party this is a very disturbing phenomenon. It is a very sad development and no doubt, our hearts are with the people affected by this disturbing evil.

More disturbing is the fact that his is happening at a time when we have just launched the peace roadmap. This is no doubt a setback for us, but we shall not rest until we achieve safety and security for all our citizens.

As always, I appeal to all to continue to exercise restraint and forgiveness so that these challenges can pass.


7. With the un-abated killings on the Plateau, is it fair to assume that the position of the Government is that it supports state policing and restructuring?


Well, the challenges on the Plateau are very complicated and go beyond the questions you have asked. But so you know, as a state –our position at the restructuring summit was that we wanted state policing –but even if we were to be state policing and there is no adequate training or equipment –the solution will still elude us.

Don’t forget there are theories that suggest that the people wreaking havoc in our communities may be remnants of the numerous Boko Haram dislodgements that have happened in the North East.








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Hon Letep speaks to ViewPointNigeria about sundry issues ranging from the conflicts within the APC to the perpetual attacks on the Plateau

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