Is this true!! tribute to Emmanuel S Nanle

By: Dakwom makpring Longgul

Emma – God with us
Nanle- it’s God doing
Draw us closer
Cleaning our biases
Building personality
To lead us to liberation
Lean to u, our hopes high
Before I ask
I was told
The tale of your tale
That you were in waters
Drowned not dry
Travel to the orient
But the sun darkened
There u remain wet
Waiting till dry dawns
Drawing us to silence
Sailing in grief and agony
Asking -is this true?
Drawing from the tales…
I remember I was waiting- the call sir
Sunday sermons to a moment of silent
Audu says we are in Abuja
Wait till we come
Never told about the other side
Jarumi !!! seems it’s the call
Can we speak to mentor
Is this true?
While I wait
Remembering your lines – “people of conscience”
Shall ask
I this true?
Take our plight to the celestial
Calling our attention
While we continue
We ask
Is this true?
Time in time
Till we meet
We shall ask
Not to forget the quest
Questions not to ask again
We ask !
is this true?
Emma – be with us
While we ask


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Is this true!! tribute to Emmanuel S Nanle

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