The world has been bedeviled by lots of conflict and crisis , which has in turn caused a slow pace of development or probably halt in economic growth for some states. In all parts of the world today the negative impact violent conflict has been felt, more so Africa as a continent in all its sub regions has had to deal with one form of violent eruption or the other. West Africa and Nigeria particularly has been dealing with Boko Haram terrorist group who are popular for bombing public places and kidnapping school children. Parts of East Africa have also grown weary from activities of Al shabab which are always characterized by violent killings and bomb explosions.

Central Africa is not left out as wide spread killing are still recorded in the Congo from political rival groups. In the South African region Xenophobic attacks were observed on a large level in most cities of South Africa recently on non indigenous populations. Countries in North Africa today has still not fully recovered from spills of the Arab spring, Libya for example is still struggling with stability after a regime change that took place few years ago. However in Egypt beyond the leadership change in the past few years , a path to solid restoration has been taken and currently is yielding positive fortunes of development an trajectory growth.
One of these impactful steps is the World Youth Forum (,a program put together by the office of the President H.E President Abdulfatah El si si. The world youth forum 2018 had received 122,000 applications from all over the world, 13,000 of which applied as panelist speakers, 104,000 as attendees and 5,000 artist applied to perform at the world youth forum theatre. Held at Sharm el Sheik, Egypt between 1st and 6th November 2018, the forum focused this year on key topics with renowned speakers in the following areas: reconstructing post conflict countries and societies, Agenda 2063 and the Africa we want, Empowering persons with disability towards a more integrated society, Humanitarian assistance: a global responsibility in the face of challenges, The role of art and cinema in shaping societies etc.

The world youth forum theatre as one of the major activities of the world youth forum 2018 was declared open by H.E the President Abdulfatah El si si on the 2nd of November, it ran for four days with performances from artist from various parts of the world. The theatre platform was created for young people to express their talents and cultures through music, dance, drama, poetry and other forms of art. Performances came from various artist, the likes of Zuriel Oduwole (U.S.A), David Sharp (U.K).Anna Fomina (Russia) ,Wonho Chung (South Korea),Aleksandar Josipovic (Bosnia), The Ayoub Sisters (Scotland),National Ballet of Rwanda (Rwanda) and Nigeria’s Augsburg Habila from the beautiful city of Jos.
Mr. Augsburg Habila ,a medical student at the University of Jos, is a phenomenal guitarist that has played for grand Nigeria artist such as Ruby Gyang, Aramide, Zainab Sule and many more. Augsburg has mastered the art of the strings and plays with one of the greatest rock band in Nigeria After performing at the world youth forum he added “Playing my guitar at the world youth forum theatre was an inexplicable experience. I have not performed for the President of my country Nigeria, however the WYF theatre has given me an opportunity to perform in front of the President of Egypt, top government officials from all over the world and my peers from other parts of the world. Coming back home to Nigeria I will continue to use my music to preach peace and social development.”
The world youth forum for the year 2019 will still focus on peace, prosperity, harmony and progress to the entire world.

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