Governor Simon Bako Lalong was today Thursday 12th April 2017 at the Plateau Youth Centre Dadin Kowa for a parley with the larger house of the Plateau Youth Council.

Demonstrating a level of commitment to the youth, the Governor took time to interact/listen to the youth, take questions and address them.  

Speaking on behalf of the youth, Mikel George Maqual -the Chairman of the larger house of Plateau youths, expressed happiness at the fact that the governor took time to come for an one-to-one interaction. He described the coming of the governor as a “home coming”.

 Speaking further, he raised pressing issues affecting the youth, such as unemployment and incessant displacements from the numerous attacks.

 Also speaking on behalf of the youth was the Plateau Youth Chairman, Dr Fabong Jemchang. He appreciated the support of the governor in guaranteeing a free atmosphere during the election of executives into positions within the PYC.

 He raised the issues of drug abuse and addiction which has become an alarming scourge within Plateau youth. He called on the governor to explore ways of scuttling the menace. He also appealed that the Governor comes to the aid of an ailing youth, Mr Silver Dakun who is in dear need of blood transplant to combat leukaemia which has kept him spelt bound.

 Numerous questions were taken, specifically from Fabulous Cishak and Jamda -who raised questions around security, unemployment and sundry issues.

Lalong in his address spoke passionately about his plans for the youth, specifically around youth empowerment and employment.

 On scholarships, Lalong explain that they were still overhauling the entire award process and that once finalised all will be sorted. He declared that all first class graduates of any courses should quickly report to the office of the deputy Governor because scholarships were avialble for them to undertake PhDs and Masters in various courses.

On security, he said he was doing everything humanly possible to ensure that the current troubles are resolved.



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Lalong puts Plateau youths on a pedestal, dialogues extensively with them

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