Ligue 1 odds and betting predictions – Why are they the best?

Are you a football bettor who is always on the lookout for the best betting tips, predictions and picks? If answered yes, you’ve clicked on the right post as you will gain access to the best football bets in town. Why do you think is Ligue1 betting tips are the best among the lot? Read on to know more on Ligue1.

Ligue 1 odds and betting predictions – Why are they the best?Being a football enthusiast, you might be aware of the fact that the France Ligue1 is one among the best of the French football and it comprises of 20 teams that fight to win the honors. This Ligue1 season runs from the month of August to May, thereby offering several betting and prediction tips. Saint Etienne and Marseille won 10 championships each and the Parisians have been twice defending champions.

Best betting tips and techniques for Ligue1 exposed

Apart from fighting against each other for winning the title, the Ligue1 of France also offers an exciting battle for Europa League and Champions League places. Their professionals are always on their toes to keep a tab over the entire situation over a period of time so that the betting tips and predictions are the best. Ligue1 depends entirely on the statistics and news of the team as they utilize the best strategies for betting.

Betting tips – Are they free?

The betting and prediction tips of France Ligue1 are entirely free of cost for all bettors based in Nigeria. With us, you can get the most vital Ligue1 betting and prediction tips and you can also get details on how to seek help with betting. If you’re a punter in Nigeria, feel free to visit our free betting tips that we offer for other football leagues.

Football predictions – How often can you expect them?

Football predictions – How often can you expect them?With the football season underway, bettors in Nigeria can get one prediction every day. Whenever the sportsbook announces the betting odds, you will soon get access to the betting and prediction tips for the forthcoming rounds. As these tips are free of cost, you’ll get to choose from a plethora of options and use them in accordance with the games that you choose.

Football betting odds

In case you’re a seasoned punter, it is most likely that you’ll know almost everything on football betting odds. On the contrary, if you happen to be a rookie in the field of sports betting, you need to first learn on the markets before taking the plunge. Just as the markets, the football odds keep changing from one bookmaker to another, based on the number of bets and their opinion. While it is true that football odds can be pretty tempting, at the same time, you may even come across several uninteresting odds below 1.50.

How to locate the best Ligue1 odds?

Are you looking for the best odds? If yes, you’ll have to leverage comparison where you have to check out the online bookmakers to know who offers you the best odds. Once you follow our site, you can find all the odds in a single place along with the reviews of the different Nigerian punters.

The best odds of Ligue1

France Ligue1 provides you with the nicest wages on the goals. As the Ligue1 doesn’t produce a bunch of goals, the odds are under 2.5 goals. This makes the entire deal attractive for the punters who choose to take single bets. Based on a respective matchup, the biggest odds are on the full time/half time result.

Lowest odds on Ligue1

If you’re watching out for the lowest odds, you’ll get them on a favorite while scoring the goal or on 1.5 goals and more than that when the sports bookmaker prefers to witness a high-scoring affair.  Once you choose the under 1.5 goals, you can also find the low odds.

Can you make good profit with Ligue1?

Can you make good profit with Ligue1?Yes, it is indeed possible to make good returns with Ligue1 but you need to be selective enough. Since the last few years, there were 2 to 3 teams apart from Saint-Germain who used to dominate the league. In 2018, both Lille and Lyon earned more than 20 wins in this season and 2 years back, Monaco, Marseille and Lyon had 22 more wins. If you consider the totals of this specific season, you’ll not find too many teams that score like this.


Being one among the best five football leagues in Europa, this is always at the top of the priority list among the professionals. This is the reason all betting sites will suggest you to seek help of Ligue1 for placing the safest bets. Their prediction is based on statistics, facts and analysis and they even keep a track on the latest news of the betting industry.


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