Merrybet registration in 2020

Are you a sports enthusiast who is also an ardent fan of betting? If answered yes, Merrybet is probably the answer for you as they are one of the best online sports bookmakers that allow you to place the most competitive bets on your favorite sports. But in order to be able to wager on this betting platform, you’ll first need to register on their website as this is a necessary step for the newcomers who visit the site with intentions of betting. Registration along with identification is the foremost step to take. Once you register, you’re thrown open to several betting options, Merrybet bonus and access to live score.

The process of registration on Merrybet is pretty easy and you just have to follow few steps. Here are the steps that you have to take in order to register with this sports bookmaker and start placing your bets with them.

Registration on Merrybet

Registration on Merrybet

As mentioned above, you can’t place a bet unless you’re registered with this platform and the formalities are pretty simple and basic. The website will need some of your personal information during registering you with them. You needn’t worry about sharing your personal details as the site ensures offering you a safe and secured platform for betting. They are dedicated towards safeguarding the interests of the customers from fraudsters and identity thieves. In return they also expect the customers to protect the private information about the site and their account and keep themselves from sharing the same with others.

Giving your address for registering on Merrybet

In order to be able to login to Merrybet with your personal account, you need to provide your address in the process. By providing this detail, the platform can make sure that the bank data and deposit account remain safe. Moreover, the company’s license also demands the bookmaker to not work with the citizens of few specific countries and hence it is only by checking the addresses of each customer that they can abide by this rule. They are also licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board.

Numbers of your bank accounts

For properly withdrawing and depositing money that you earn through your bets, you also need to provide the correct bank account numbers while registering. While providing this information, you needn’t worry as you’re protected against fraudsters. Clients have to own an account and connect their username to the legal data to bet and collect the winning amount.

Filling out the registration details

Registration process takes not more than 15 minutes and the details to fill out are:

  • Your address
  • Bank account
  • Actual phone number
  • Bank name
  • Real name
  • Name of your bank
  • Login ID and password

How to create an account from your phone

Merrybet has a dedicated mobile version of the website which doesn’t compromise on any functions. If you don’t have a laptop, you can still place your bets, support your team and watch live matches. You can even register with the mobile version of the website.

So, now that you’re aware of the steps to register with Merrybet, what are you waiting for? Login to their website and start betting.


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