Nigerian Bottling Company(NBC) Jos Plant Discontinue Operations

Report reaching Viewpoint Nigeria has it that the Nigerian Bottling Company Jos Plant, Plateau State has discontinued operations in Jos, the Plateau State Capital on account of the hard economic situation.

The product will now be supplied from the Company’s Office to Jos and its environs.

Viewpoint Nigeria was also informed that the company’s last production in Jos was made on Friday 12th January, 2018 and production has ceased since then.

This is not a pleasant news as it will render many jobless by throwing them into the Labour market and have negative impacts on the economic of the State.

The Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd is one of the biggest companies in the non-alcoholic beverage industry in the country and is the sole franchise bottler of The Coca-Cola Company in Nigeria. The company serves approximately 160 million people by producing and distributing a unique portfolio of quality brands, bringing passion to marketplace implementation, and demonstrating leadership in corporate social responsibility.

Nigerian Bottling Company ltd (NBC) operates 11 plants in Nigeria. Our bottling operations are major purchasers of sugar, bottles, labels, marketing materials and services. Here’s a list of the 11 plants in Nigeria. The 11 plants in Nigeria are Abuja, Kaduna, Borno, Kano, Plateau, Oyo, Edo, Enugu, Lagos, Imo and Rivers.

Nigerian Bottling Company Jos Plant:
NBC’s Jos plant which has been in operation since 1972 is located in the capital city of Jos, Plateau State in North-Central Nigeria.

The Jos plant has production lines for Coca‑Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Schweppes and it also distributes all product categories.

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Nigerian Bottling Company(NBC) Jos Plant Discontinue Operations

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