NLC Celebrates World Day For Decent Work

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) joined the rest of the world to celebrate the World Day for Decent Work, with a protest march to decried poor condition of Nigerian workers in Abuja.

The celebration of the 2018 World Day for Decent Work with the theme “Change the Rule,” commenced with a rally at the Labour House, Abuja, where over 1,000 workers, led by the NLC President, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, gathered to lament the plight of Nigerian workers.

Comrade Wabba who described the working condition of Nigerian workers as pathetic, said the day was set aside by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to draw attention of corporations across the world to issue of decent work environment.

The NLC President said “We demand, as we match for the 2018 World Decent Work Day, that a labourer, a pensioner deserves his wages.

There must be dignity in labour. Let us collectively end corporate greed, let there be enough so that there will be shared posterity.

“The condition of workers around the world is nothing to write home about. In the context of the Nigerian situation; the working class is passing through a lot of difficulties.

Salaries are not being paid in some states as at when due, pensions are not being paid, gratuities have not been paid in many states in the last 10years.”

While at the Bolton white Hotels and apartments premises in Abuja where the organised union demanded for the liberation of the staffs, the NLC has accused Bolton White of being in habits of over working the staff beyond the required 8 hour’s per day, non mentality leave to women, high rate of sexual harassment among the female staff before promotion and the refusal of staffs to belong to any union of choice.

He said NLC would not fold its arms while Bolton White, Barcelona, among others hotels treat workers as slaves, adding that workers just like every other politician deserves better treatment by giving them good condition of service.

In an interview with one of the management staff of Bolton who’s name was not revealed said the management team flee in from lagos to ensure that the NLC conditions are comply to.

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NLC Celebrates World Day For Decent Work

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