Opinion: Living in Present Day Realities – By Palang Faith Mallo

It is no longer news that we must step out of our comfort zone if we want to leave up to present realities. The society has gone so bad that the only good left is that which we can do for ourselves. Sadly, in most cases, we set psychological boundaries for ourselves than we are actually limited physically.
We are so quick to dream big yet we live to limit ourselves in seeing to the realities of our dreams. We call ourselves leaders of tomorrow, Bill Gates of tomorrow, Dangote of tomorrow, Mark Zuckerberg of tomorrow yet we are so comfortable in our own skin that we do not want to maximize our potentials talk more of exceeding them.
We desire to touch lives, make positive impact, to live a good and happy life yet we conveniently pass opportunities out of fear of failure. We are so quick to forget that our lives get better by change not by chance.
“As long as i am comfortable, it’s okay by me”. That’s what we keep telling ourselves. We fail to realize that being happy is far better than being comfortable. “The comfort zone” “The fear of the unknown” a theory of limitation where we are so quick to accept a manageable situation not because it cannot be improved but because we are not willing to put in more effort nor to inconvenience ourselves to get the best.
It’s very good to be contented but it’s very important to never settle for less. Except you have exceeded your potentials it is very important to keep trying because in the end, we regret the chances we didn’t take because we felt we couldnt have.
The hardest thing to do is to leave your comfort zone, it almost seems impossible!
How can I let go of a life I’m familiar with?
How can I cope with those people?
How can I break off from this easy routine?
How can I start small when I can wait a little longer and start big?
How can I be seen selling this?
A lot of questions. Some of us are so tied up in our vicinity, our states our zones and our country not because better things don’t happen outside these places but because we hold on to the negative stories we hear about other places. We chose to believe that our way of life is better and we cannot cope elsewhere. How can you be so sure? Have you tried it before?
Believe it or not the best things in life are often at the exit ramp of your comfort zone. Our minds are capable of greatness and by leaving our comfort zone behind, we are taking a leap to enable us discover what we are truly capable of.
Our comfort zone may vary, most times where your capability ends is where another person’s capabilities begin. It is very important we discover ourselves, what we can do, how we can do it and how to make it better if we are already at it. While some may require a slow and steady start others may require a fast and consistent start.
We have to be honest to ourselves about what we really want and take the risk to achieve them rather than lie to ourselves and make excuses to stay in our comfort zone.
In the end, the heart warming reality still remains “you can’t lead, touch, or change a world you are too afraid to explore”.
– say no to mediocrity
– say no to mental limitations
-Open a chapter in your life for self-actualization!

Palang Faith Mallo
[email protected]
Social Rights Activist/ Economist/ and Child Crusader.

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Opinion: Living in Present Day Realities – By Palang Faith Mallo

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