Pictures: What transpired at College of Health Technology Zawan Yesterday

Following ViewPointNigeria’s initial report on the disturbance/restiveness at the College of Health Technology, Zawan yesterday –we have obtained finer information about what transpired and the current status of things in the institution.

Our correspondent learnt that on the 8th February 2018 at approximately 7:30pm, a group of hoodlums from the surrounding village invaded the campus and launched an attack on students in various hostels of the campus. The students however organised themselves and put up a strong defence, which repelled the hoodlums (during which 1 was accosted and handed over to security agents).

The management of the institution quickly alerted security agents from the Bukuru “B” division, and the DPO mobilised his men to attempt to quell the situation.

However, as the policemen arrived, several youths from the Zawan community gathered at the campus gate, hauling stones and missiles, leading to the damage of windows and property.

Following the initial incident, on the 9th, a selection of the youth, also gained access to the campus via the back gate, where they vandalised property and equipment –even setting some ablaze.

In addition, students within the host community of Dorowa in the Zawan community were not spared, as some took the opportunity to break into their rooms/houses to cart away with their belongings and property.

To bring the matter under control, the school management has reached out to the paramount ruler of the Zawan community and are working actively with him and the police to find a solution.

However, as an immediate response to the problems –the University Management has closed down the institution indefinitely, pending investigations into the matter. The school also set up a 7-man committee to unravel what happened and find ways to remedy future occurrences.


Two students who were injured are currently at the Bingham hospital receiving treatment they are: Mitong Dalong (100 Level – Public Health) and Nimdul Monday Nanlir ( 200 Level).

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Pictures: What transpired at College of Health Technology Zawan Yesterday

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