Plateau PDP Chairmanship Candidates Carpet Plateau Government on Sanctity of Lives

llThe PDP Chairmanship candidates forum plateau state observed with utmost dismay and disappointment the act of desperation and outright disregard for the sanctity of lives displayed by the APC led administration christened “THE RESCUE TEAM”recently with the visit of Mr president to plateau state.

Good as the visit may seem at least his first visit after three years as president. If leadership is about welfare and the protection of the citizens as stated in the 1999 constitution (as amended) then to the say the least the trust of the plateau man has been flagrantly betrayed by the so called”RESCUE TEAM” which has failed to represent the feelings and positions of a true Plateaunian.

The governor and his political expedition co-travellers sold the rights of the plateau citizens for a pot of Porridge in their illusive crave for unsured and unrealistic future political dominance or relevance..What a shame!

If truely politics or democracy is about delivery of quality leadership and dividends to the electorates then the APC led administration has not only disappointed but has flatly failed the people,and the good tenets of Democracy was slaughtered on the platform of greed. When the chief Rescuer and his court jesters (Praise Singers) were winning and dinning innocent lives were gruesomely murdered in Bokkos,Bassa etc with no remorse.

The PDP Chairmanship candidates forum wish to commiserate with the people of Bassa,Bokkos and indeed the entire plateau state over the unfortunate incident that has bedevilled our dear state,we pray God’s comfort to the families that lost love ones and may their Souls rest in peace with the Lord.

Sign:Publicity Secretary PDP Chairmanship forum plateau state.

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Plateau PDP Chairmanship Candidates Carpet Plateau Government on Sanctity of Lives

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