Plateau state university ready for accreditation of 15 courses, soon to establish PG school- Prof. Y.D Izam (vice Chancellor)

The vice chancellor of Plateau State University professor Daniel Y Izam on Tuesday grant an interview to viewPointNigeria’s Dakwom Longgul, the brief but incite full interview covers the vision of the VC as he settles down and plans towards building a world class university. The vice chancellor appreciate the support and cooperation of PLASU workers as they commemorate the 2018 workers day, the VC also express his vision towards establishing a PG school to deepened research in the university and to ensure accreditation of over 15 course including establishment of new faculties.

Excerpts of the interview below:

Kindly brief us on the journey so far?
My coming in from the 1st march,2018 was meant to consolidate on the gains earlier recorded by the rescue administration of His Excellency, Rt Hon Simon Bako Lalong, which since 2015 made deliberate efforts to build a world class university, by inaugurating the council of the university chaired by a renowned and tested academic, professor Jega, including massive reconstruction of major projects- building road networks in the university, classrooms and hostels for conducive learning hence, my coming in is to consolidate on progress made thus far, we have since re-invigorated the vital organ of the university administration by way of bringing back the senate of the university which is the highest university policy making body of any university in world.
We are working round the clock preparing the university for accreditation for over 15 courses, if you visit the university today, you will observe major innovations in that regards. Again, the university library which is the centre provided for students to undertake research is not left out in the innovations introduced as we are installing the components of the E-library, wireless and easy accessible materials to library users. So far so good the future is very bright for the University and we are happy with the level of support by the government.

Where do you see PLASU in five years?

By the grace of God, I see a research driven institution that will be characterize by not only solid undergraduate studies but also the commencement of the post-graduate studies, my vision Is to establish a post graduate school that will conduct ground breaking research that will solve local problems not only in plateau state but in Nigeria and to contribute to the system of the world, So once you create knowledge you solve problems

sir, what is your take on the call to rename the University to Solomon Lar University Bokkos?
Well, the university is the creation of the law, operating with the plateau state university, so long as we are not handed any instrument of law we can’t effect any change to that effect. But immediately there is any change in the instrument to that effect why not.

What has been the relationship of the university and its host community?
The university is cited within the Butura axis of the Bokkos community, we tried to revitalized existing community relationship structures, we have the University-Butura community committee which meets to evaluate on a regular basis the town gown relationship. We also have a number of plans to engage our students in community service, the community will also benefit from the entrepreneurship centre. So we think that there would a win –win situation between us and the host community.

Final words , Your message to the workers

Today is workers day, and I wish to celebrate Nigerian workers, government also keeps reminding us that we have to put a lot of productivity to what we do so that there would be results, I know we are also expecting our employers to improve our working conditions. And for us in plateau state university we tried to be a worker friendly university interns of granting all the bill of rights, we also tried to expand the welfare of workers interns of transportation of workers we pay salaries regularly and we respect union’s agreement with management.
Thank you sir.

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Plateau state university ready for accreditation of 15 courses, soon to establish PG school- Prof. Y.D Izam (vice Chancellor)

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