A Nigerian Philanthropist and entrepreneur, Chief Nanzing Nden says human capital development in Plateau state is yet to be given its desired attention.

In an interview in Jos, the Southern Plateau state indigene and traditional title holder said he is embarrassed by the performance of political office holders in this regard.

Speaking through a close confidant and partner, Geoffrey Isaac, Chief Nden expressed regrets that many youths with promising potentials are wasting out in different parts of the state due to lack of support from those entrusted with public offices.

In his words through Mr. Isaac, a renowned broadcaster and media consultant, most politicians are a failure, hence the need for private individuals to take up the challenge and support youth development.

In this regard, Chief Nden said he has set up a group made up of experienced individuals from different trades to seek ways of imparting the younger generation.

Instead of growing in one’s career and later retiring, one should be able to point to certain individuals that have been able to make it through one’s mentorship and support, he said.

The group, labelled Tarok Professionals Forum (TPF) according to him is designed to identify and nurture skills among youths within and around Langtang, Plateau state.

This way he believes crime and socioeconomic overdependence will be reduced.

The group which commenced full activities this year hopes to build a network of professionals across the globe through active collaborations and consultations towards adding value to Nigeria’s socioeconomic sector.

He however solicits the partnership of all well meaning groups, individuals and organizations towards the actualization of the group’s objectives.

He equally challenges other professionals and socially successful persons from other parts of the state to reach out to youths around them who are in need of moral and material support for general growth and development.  

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Plateau State yet to achieved Capital Human Development, says Chief Nden

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