Possible Cholera Outbreak in Jos: several lives lost in Angwan Rogo, Abba-Na-Shehu, Apata etc

There is strong indication that a cholera outbreak may have broken out in Jos city, Plateau state. Even though government is yet to officially declare the out break of the dreaded disease, many indications and test carried out have proven so.

Viewpointnigeria’s reporters got a hint that the areas majorly hit by the epedimic include; Angwan-Rogo , Abba-Na-Shehu, Babale, Apata, Jenta Adamu, Congo Russia and Rikkos


Sources report that in Angwan Rogo, the death of a 15 year old boy was recorded 10 days ago. The child was said to have died of severe Diareahea and vomiting.

An imam confirmed to our reporter that approximately 15 cases were recorded in Angwan Rogo alone.

At Abba na Shehu, the situation was worse as the community clinic could not house the patient’s, all the ward’s were occupied and many placed on tables and bench for lack of beds, so far about 100 cases where recorded, however – there were no deaths.

Khaleel Saliu Galadima who spoke to viewpointnigeria, lamented the state of the clinic, he said the efforts of government to improve health care has been grossly inadequate. Speaking, he confirmed that the clinic only has one cleaner, three governments staff and 13 volunteers. He said unfortunately with the strike of the government health workers in the state the sitauation became precarious.

In Babale area the death of two women were recorded with several cases in Congo Russia area.

Based on ViewPointNigeria’s assessment, The main challenges so far include: Low public Awareness, poor Government intervention (financial and Drugs), poor sanitation and consumption of contaminated Water .

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Possible Cholera Outbreak in Jos: several lives lost in Angwan Rogo, Abba-Na-Shehu, Apata etc

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