President Jacob Zuma Recalled by South Africa’s Ruling Party

Johannesburg, South Africa (CNN) – South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has announced a “recall” of the country’s leader, Jacob Zuma, demanding that he resign in the face of a corruption scandal that has sapped support for the party once led by Nelson Mandela.

The recall, a powerful statement that the ANC no longer backs the President, was the culmination of a meeting that stretched into the early hours of Tuesday morning. Top ANC officials, including party leader Cyril Ramaphosa, were unable to persuade Zuma to step down immediately.

Zuma must now decide whether to bow to the party’s demand — which has no constitutional effect — or cling on to power and face a vote of no confidence in parliament organized by opposition parties.

Zuma proposed to resign over period of 3 to 6 months which was rejected by his Party.

President Zuma is facing over 780 corruption allegations.

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President Jacob Zuma Recalled by South Africa’s Ruling Party

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