Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of Viewpoint Nigeria that bettors should be aware of

Your privacy is of utmost importance to Viewpoint Nigeria and we commit ourselves to maintain and retain the confidentiality of the personal details that we collect in order to let you enjoy the services and products of our website and utilise the best software and hardware, methods, techniques and procedures in accordance with the betting industry. The following privacy policy that you’ll read through will speak about how Viewpoint Nigeria preserves and uses the data that they gather. This policy is applicable to any information that is personally identifiable and also to the anonymous data that we gather.

Personal information – What we collect and why

The information that we collect is not restrained to just your name and email address but there’s more to it. Nevertheless, whatever we collect is never collected without the consent of our clients. The other sorts of non-sensitive data like your IP address is gathered with the use of cookies. This is one of the basic practices that we have been following in order to improve the user experience of the customers who leverage Viewpoint Nigeria for betting. The purposes behind collecting such information are as follows:

  • To offer services and information to you
  • To conduct further research or statistical analysis
  • To identify and verify things
  • To be able to carry on further development and research
  • To help in market research and customer profiling
  • To initiate data analysis
  • To comply with regulatory and licensing requirements

We may only disclose your personal details:

  • If it is required by any regulatory authority or by law
  • If such action is necessary and we believe that in good faith
  • If you give us consent for disclosing
  • If it is required for disaster recovery

How do we use your collected information?

The information that we collect from you can be used when you register with Viewpoint Nigeria, sign up for our Newsletter, browse through the website, and respond to some survey or when you utilize few features of our website in the following ways:

  • To customize your user experience and let us deliver the kind of product and content offerings in which you seem to be interested
  • To follow up with them post correspondence
  • To enhance our website and let us serve you in a better manner

In what way do we safeguard your information?

We never use scanning or vulnerability scanning and we only offer information and articles but never ask for your credit card numbers. Malware scanning is something that we regularly use. The personal details that you offer us is safe behind our secured networks and can only be accessed by limited number of people who have access rights to such systems and who are bound to keep the information safe and private. Moreover, the sensitive information that you provide us with is encrypted through SSL or Secure Socket Layer technology. There are a number of security measures that have to be passed by the user whenever he submits or accesses personal details to retain the safety of your personal details.

Can you view and delete your personal details?

Yes, you have the power to view all the personal details that you’ve shared with us by logging in to our website. The data and user information can be exported anytime provided you’re logged in to our website If you want to, you can also unsubscribe to all our mails at any time and as you do this; your mail address will be automatically removed from our mailing list. If you contact us, we can also manually remove your account from our list.

What is our ‘cookie’ policy?

Cookies are small files that are transferred by the site to the hard drive of your computer through the web browser that you use and this lets the site to recognize your browser or even capture details and remember things. Cookies are completely safe and unique and if you choose to, you can even decline them but that may have an impact on the user experience of your website. Here is a list of reasons why we at Viewpoint Nigeria use cookies:

  • In order to keep track of advertisements
  • To compile and gather data regarding site traffic and interactions to provide you with better user experience in the future. We can also leverage third-party services that track details on your behalf.

You have the discretion of allowing your computer to prompt you whenever a cookie is being sent to you. This is possible by changing the browser settings. Once you turn off cookies, it can turn off few vital features of our site.

By using Viewpoint Nigeria, you signify your acceptance of all the privacy policies mentioned above. In case you don’t agree to our privacy policy, feel free to use some other site.