Rep. Candidate Dachung Bagos Offers Scholarship to Two Ngas Children at Ngas Christmas Carols

In the spirit of Christmas Season and in continuation of his philanthropic gesture which he is accustomed to, the PDP House of Representatives Candidate for Jos South/Jos East Federal Constituency, Hon. Dachung Bagos on Saturday 1st December, 2018 during the Ngas Christmas Carols offered Scholarship to two Ngas Children.

The Scholarships were given to the Children who recited the National Anthem, Pledge and read News fluently in Ngas dialect.

Hon. Dachung Bagos who was a special Guest at the event said the scholarship gesture was to encourage the younger generation to pay special attention to local languages that are presently facing forceful extinction.

He went further to say his agenda is to work assiduously towards “equipping the next generation” and empowering the younger generation to make them useful to themselves and the society.

He said greater attention must be given to the younger generation if remarkable peace, unity progress and development are to be recorded.

“Young persons are critical stakeholders in nation building and their abilities must be built not jettisoned” he opined.

“We must invest greatly on human capital and infrastructural development if we are to move with the rest of the world”

“Investment on education, Information and Communication Technology and critical infrastructures remain cardinal towards the realization of a greater Nigeria” he said.

Hon. Bagos said Nigeria and Africa are being faced with leadership, thereby in dire need of selfless, God fearing and leaders with integrity.

“Political, religious, tradition leaders and elites have critical roles to play through strategic mentorship, living responsible and exemplary lives” he said.

“Once the younger generation are properly managed and empower, insecurity will be reduced to the minimum” he concluded.

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Rep. Candidate Dachung Bagos Offers Scholarship to Two Ngas Children at Ngas Christmas Carols

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