It is normal for a public figure, a successful one for that matter, to attract occasional sneer, derision or outright envy. But it is abnormal when such a thing is turned into an organised mob of muckrakers with a mandate to smear the target personality by every available spit they could get. This is the case with the on-going orchestrated mudslinging and propaganda against Hon. Solomon Maren the Honourable Member Representing Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency using the free passage offered by the handy social media.

However, from the first paragraph, the hatchet men betrayed their emotions by rightly acknowledging that Hon. Solomon Maren has indeed performed and met the expectations of the good people of Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency with unprecedented and uncommon representation and by extension the reason why there has been much clamour for him to seek re-election.

The writers and promoters of the said article which aims at misleading the public erred else they would have acknowledged that never in the history of Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency has there been a representative who is fair and just in the discharge of his responsibilities which is evidently clear in the equitable distribution of projects and employment opportunities cutting across the two Local Governments Areas that make the constituency. Using zoning as a yardstick for unity rather than uncommon representation goes to show the extent to which some people can go to cheat the common man whose only solace is not political power but good governance.

The said article that Hon. Solomon Maren has dropped the clarion call on him to seek re-election by the good people of Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency stands on no factual ground. It is sheer concoctions. At best, it is not more than a spectacular fictional narrative skewed together by fertile minds with agenda for grave mischief. The public should treat it as such.

Hon. Solomon is occupied with bridging the gap between promises and performance which will be the selling point of the 2019 elections and not the sentiments been bandied by those whose only reason for seeking to occupy public positions is clannish greed, avarice and primordial thoughts.

We wish to advice the writers and peddlers of the said article to focus on issues, and possibly work hard to shore the battered image of their party which has lost the goodwill of the good people of Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency.


Hon. D’yong Mangut
SA Media to Hon Solomon Maren.

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Rep. Engr. Solomon Maren Debunks Rumour of Not Seeking Reelection

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