Reps. I. D. Gyang Commiserates with Benue People, Urges FG to Show Will Power to End Attacks

Rep ID Gyang.

It is now a recurring decimal that communities across the nation are being visited by violent herdsmen attacks and mindless killings!

Today Benue is bleeding and mourning just as has been the case with communities in Plateau, Southern Kaduna, Adamawa, Taraba, Cross Rivers, Edo, Zamfara, and many more states across the nation.

It is indeed with a heavy heart that I join all well meaning citizens of Nigeria in saying that our hearts go out to the Governor, government and people of Benue State at this moment of grief and pain.

As we mourn and bury the dead, we must not lose sight of he fact that the threat of further attacks is still with us as the government has not appropriately responded to the menace of the herdsmen insurgency.

The responsibility that is constitutionally vested on the government to secure and protect lives and property of citizens has not been activated nor deployed to the proportion to match the threat that victim communities are exposed and subjected to from the violent attacks.

The onus of arresting this murderous and horrendous criminality lies with the federal government as the sole guarantor of security and public safety. This is a statutory responsibility that it must discharge. Unfortunately, rising insecurity across the country is a manifestation of the failure of the federal government to discharge this duty, which makes the case for state police an imperative.

It must be reiterated that the most fundamental of all Human Rights is the right to live as all the other right only devolve to the living! That is why the constitution asserts that the primary responsibility of government is the security and welfare of the people!
Moreover, Nigeria is a signatory to the “Responsibility to Protect (R2P)” an International Convention that require governments to protect their citizens from mass killings of the type that the herdsmen are carrying out in Nigeria.

I therefore use this opportunity to call on the Federal government to translate it’s rhetorics on security into reality by taking action that will assure citizens across the nation of their safety from Herdsmen attacks.

As Nigerians, we owe it to one another to coexist peacefully and engage ourselves constructively.
Violence must not be an option in resolving differences and disagreements except if the purpose is to pursue an agenda that is to forcefully and permanently displace other citizens from their ancestral abode.

Enough of bloodshed and displacement. May we embrace peace from now henceforth, amen!

Again, my condolences to the Governor, government and people of Benue state.

Plateau stands with you. Plateau feels with you.
Plateau grieves with you.

God bless Nigeria.


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Reps. I. D. Gyang Commiserates with Benue People, Urges FG to Show Will Power to End Attacks

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