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Security Focus is a very high-quality, well-written security publication of the Nigerian institute of industrial  security (NIIS) with Wilson  Esangbedo. cpp fnis as executive secretary and Isa Ozi Salami(fniis) as president   . The security profiles are essentially condensed case-studies written by people with high security IQs and hands-on experience . The good thing about  security focus magazine  is that they don’t pander to the latest hot news item. For instance, you WILL NOT  read about a turn around at Metele attack when you had no idea that Metele community was turning around. Another good thing is the tone of the writing – it has seriousness to it that you don’t see often in Other security magazines… seem like they try to make security issues “fun,” and “serious”

The highly-opinionated editorials section is one of the most popular sections.  most people  featured symbolize  honesty and candidness , the magazine cut across all works of everyday life, I think that Amos Yoila  Wetten  ( Executive Director  Pub.) tends to come off like a know-it-all. He constantly proposes one-size-fits-all solutions by the selection of experts and the thematic occupation within the lines of interview… and even the Article. the editor-in-chief Mr, zopmal  brings an extra ordinary expertise in the editing and selection.

Most of the people in every day analysis   do waste  time and simply armchair securities analyst   who get hyped by the media to give a voice to the “macro-security talking heads”. however, the magazine takes a different view;  The commissioner of police CP Mani  (psc, Mni)  disagree with the popular  myth that kidnapping has some connection with politics see page 10.

To some people, Nigeria  has the reputation of being a stuffy, conservative and will soon break to parts for old money types. I hesitate to write this because I don’t want to get tied up in liberal-vs.-conservative rhetoric or Biafra vs  Nigeria just like the thinking Suleiman Garba  Bambahu (MD,KSMDMC)   thinks and shares a view that a united Nigeria is attainable he said “ there hope for Nigeria see page 60 – I  agree with this belief and I think that it shapes the content in a couple of meaningful ways.
Most interviews featured  from Mohammed Misbahu  Idiris the sokoto commander  of NDLEA,  Abdulahi Dutsin ‘ma commandant NSCDC Sokoto, comptroller Abdu Aliyu  NIS Sokoto, Dr. Aliyu  Oroji a retired custom officer, ACM  Ayobami A. Omiyale zonal commander road safety corps, DSP Codelia Nwawe sokoto sate police PRO,   tend to view security from a well informed hands-on  prism . Their concentration will be viewed as positive or negative by different people however , their experience cannot be quantified…

Consider the following article (S) in the Maiden edition 2018 issue written by peter Alhassan on office security tips, insurgency and national security by Ishaku Y Dogo, Database Management system: effective tool for detection and prevention of crime  by U.S Ugbanaawaji,  peace, stability , democracy by Mccharm Sambo and repositioning NDLEA for effective security articulated view of David Anyanwu SSA to Abia  State Governor  on Narcotics and John Zopmal’s  the need for institutionalization of security  edu. In Nigeria for a more secured and prosperous society with a host of other key views

To this end, subsequent chapters of this fast rising views on the security shall beacon the future and set standard for the future of security… the magazine is a refreshing literature in the library

As we anticipate the views of the police DIG operations Habila Joshak , Brig Gen  Adekole  Jones  Ankpa Rtd National Chairman , Nigerian Legion , Brig. Gen  Bala Ali (Rtd) ,  Pharm  Almustapha Othman  Ali and Grp. Capt. Usan among many personalities would feature  in the next  print , our hopes are high and the expectation is without description.



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Review of the week : NIIS Security Focus Magazine

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