Sen. JT Useni Releases Abridged Blueprint, Prioritizes Peace and Security

As the Gubernatorial and House of Assembly Campaigns Started on Saturday 1st December, 2018 as directed by the electoral umpire, INEC, the PDP Governorship Candidate in Plateau State and Senator representing Plateau South, Gen. (Rtr) Jeremiah Timbut Useni has made available to the public an abridged Blueprint with a 14-point Agenda.

Peace and security to be given special attention.

See the Blueprint below:

“If You do Good You Will See Good”-Sen.(Gen) JT Useni, Baba Maituwo

The Manifesto And Blue Print Toward the Restoration Of Plateau State By Distinguished Senator JT Useni, DSS, FWC (+), PSC, CFR MNI


1-In consonance with the Manifesto of the People’s Democratic Party, we aspire for good governance in order to introduce the Restoration Agenda whose Philosophy and blueprint are geared toward restoring Peace, Justice, Unity and Progress to ensure the attainment of the vision of our founding fathers for the common good of Plateau People.

2-Plateau has Passed through several development phases in her march towards sustainable development, yet none is as strategic, challenging and significant as the Restoration Agenda.

3-Our quest for good governance is purely on the conscious and patriotic zeal to sanitize the State of insecurity, brought about by the emerging trend of terrorism, which is gradually taking over the territorial space of the state and rendering thousands of our brothers and sisters, homeless in their own land. It has also about inter-ethnic and inter-religious suspicion, a trend, if not checked will create a state of anarchy to the detriment of collective existence and survival.

4-This project requires a government that is manned by people with depth of intellect, strategic reasoning, strong national connectivity capacity, determination and elevated sense of social and ethical responsibility.

5-If given the mandate, our government shall be a government that will employ deliberate strategic policies for the return of peace and security in view of our wealth of experience in strategic defence profession. With humility, i submit that my training and carrier have prepared me for the restoration of peace and security in the state.

6-We shall endeavor to deliver our mandate within the stipulated time as provided and agreed by the PDP family, and in line with our zoning arrangement, after which we shall hand over power to whom the people elect in the succeeding zone. Our vision is to restore Plateau State as a hub of developmental innovation in all spheres of human endeavor.

7-This document (Manifesto/Blue-Print toward the Restoration of Plateau State) sets out to highlight the Restoration Policy, Thrust, Objectives and Implementation Strategy towards the common good of Plateau People. Among which are. Thus:

(A)Sustainable peace and Security
(B)Rural Transformation
(C)Youth and Sports Development
(E)Employment Generation
(F)Health Care
(G)Internally Generated Revenue
(H)Educational Development
(I)Agricultural Development
(J)Women And People With Disabilities
(K)Transparency and Accountability
(L)The Civil Service
(M)Our Ethnic Diversity A Source of Collective Strength
(N) The Pay-Off Package Scheme (PPS)

I shall analyse how to achieve the aforementioned one after another in my next appearance for my followers and our teaming supporters.

(O)-Our Conviction

1-The realization of such an ambitious project requires the existence of a party which is alive to these possibilities. The PDP is positioned to lead this charge as a result of its experiential inheritance of the past 16 years.

2-We believe that we are fully ready and equipped to lead our People at this crucial juncture in our struggle to survive in the face of global threat of terrorism.

3-We believe we are capable of harnessing available human and material resources to help our people and to protect Plateau State.

4-We believe that we have the will, the depth of passion and faith, and the intellectual and strategic capacity that will further transform Plateau to an enviable position.

5- We wish to offer our service to the good and hospitable people of Plateau State. It is our humble, but firm view that given the myriad of challenges bedevilling our dear state, it will take someone with our experience in public and private service; with local and international connections; with safety and security experience; and leadership qualities and progressive consciousness to restore and raise the status of Plateau State and make her the envy of all. We pledge our unalloyed loyalty to every Plateau Citizen to bring Plateau State to the place where our founding founders wanted us to be.

6-This is our covenant with the people of this State (Plateau State).

Long live Nigeria
Long live Plateau State
Thank You.

Distinguished Senator (Gen) JT Useni
Vice Chairman Senate Committee on defence
Sardauna Of Plateau & Nasarawa States

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Sen. JT Useni Releases Abridged Blueprint, Prioritizes Peace and Security

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