Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki’s Presidential Aspiration Records Acceptability in Plateau State

As the PDP Presidential Primary Election draws closer, one of the Presidential Hopefuls, former Governor of Kwara State and current President of the Senate, His Excellency Dr. Olubukola Saraki stormed the PDP Plateau State Secretariat Yakubu Gowon Way Jos as part of nationwide consultative visits to solicit the supports of the people of the State.

Dr. Saraki arrived the PDP Office at 4pm met the State Executives of the Party and later addressed the people on his Presidential Aspiration.

The Senate said if elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he would work tirelessly to ensure the Country is united.
He said the Country has never been divided the way it is now. He promised to ensure criminals are arrested and prosecuted.

He stressed that people would have sense of belonging during his administration if elected.

“We would no longer live like strangers and slaves anymore in our own land”

He said he would not attend to the security challenges bedevilling the Country with kid gloves saying he would not tolerate killings with impunity by Criminals.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us and we shall work to make it a safe place to all” he said.

If elected, Dr. Saraki promised to do away with nepotism, impunity and injustices which have become order of the day.

“I will fight for you and protect your interest”

“We want a Nigeria that we would be proud of” he said.

He said the New World Order demands a Digital President. Nigeria don’t need an analogue President but a digital one who is smart and intelligent in line with globalization and modernization.

He promised to create employment opportunities to the teeming youths roaming the streets without job through sound and workable policies and programmes.

“I have the experience and deep knowledge of how to led and lift Nigeria being a former Governor and presently the Senate President” he said.

The Presidential Aspirant said Jos is his home and he is proud and happy to be home.

Dr. Bukola Saraki said Nigerians are very tired of President Buhari’s administration that has brought pains, agony and unprecedented division. He said Nigerians have decided and concluded plans to vote out the ruling Party.

Plateau State Chairman of PDP, Hon. Damishi Sango welcomed the Senate President and his entourage.
He said Dr. Bukola Saraki has been managing the National Assembly well as Senate President and thank him for saving the Country from collapse.
Hon. Sango said Plateau State are ready and willing to dislodge the APC in the State at all levels during the forthcoming general elections.

Plateau State Coordinator of the Sen. Saraki Campaign Organisation and former Commissioner of Information Plateau State, Hon. Gregory Nyelong described the Senate President as a bold, fearless, competent and the right person for President.
He said Dr. Saraki is a charismatic leader who would work towards uniting the Country, promoting peace, fight injustices and develop the Country.
Hon. Nyelong said Dr. Saraki is experienced having served as Governor and now the Number Three Citizen of the National.

Director General of the Bukola Saraki Presidential Campaign, Muhammad Wakil said Dr. Saraki remains the best Aspirant to restore the lost glory of Nigeria and grow the economy. He said if not for the position of the Senate President on critical national issues, the level of impunity, injustices and disrespect to rule of law would have been more than what is being witnessed now.

The event was well attended by former and serving members of the National Assembly, Gubernatorial Aspirants, other PDP Aspirants, PDP Executives across the State, Youths, women, elders and tribal Associations.

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Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki’s Presidential Aspiration Records Acceptability in Plateau State

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