SureBet247 Mobile App Review – All you need to know

Although SureBet 247 have been introduced since a brief period of time, yet they are certainly being considered as the fastest-growing online betting platforms in Nigeria. Founded back in 2011, SureBet 247 are driven and operated by ChessPlus International Limited and they’re licensed by Lagos State Lotteries Board. This online bookmaker’s headquarters are presently situated in Lagos and having earned a renowned reputation within the entire online betting industry due to their generous welcome bonus and user-friendly, betting platforms, it’s not far that they’ll reach the zenith of success.

SureBet247 Mobile App Review

The concerns of this post will deal with the review of this amazingly useful online betting app and will tell you about its bonuses, features and the process of downloading the app. There are so many betting techniques you can use. Scroll down to educate yourself on this app.

SureBet 247 – Downloading the app to own it effectively

Do you think you’re not as tech-savvy as you should be to keep up with this tech-driven generation? If answered yes, you needn’t fret as the procedure to download this mobile betting app called surebet247 mobile is extremely easy and effortless. Regardless of whether you’re an Android or an iPhone user, you can use this app though the process of downloading them from your respective PlayStore might be a bit different. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to how to download this app for both the aforementioned Operating Systems.

Download SureBet 247 for iOS:

  • Visit the App Store
  • Go to the Search Box and type SureBet 247
  • Choose the URL that is to be downloaded
  • Wait till the download is done
  • Start using it

Download SureBet 247 for Android

  • Log in to the SureBet247 website
  • Click on the ‘Mobile’ tab which lies at the top portion of your screen
  • Choose the right download option
  • Wait till the download is done
  • Start using it and enjoy the services

Mobile Betting with SureBet 247

It is rather commendable that once you use surebet mobile, you needn’t worry about your safety. That the app is licensed in Nigeria is a big thing for the mobile players. Unlike other foreign sites that allow you to play, you can cut off all that fuzz here as your games will be played with full legal permission. Bettors of can adjust their bet accordingly and make sure they receive some amount of money in their accounts. Moreover, this app at mobile also offers you vital stats on the big-shot sports teams and players so that the mobile bettors can get an idea on the potential for winning a specific bet.

SureBet 247 – More on the bonuses and Freebets

Regardless of whether you’re a new or an existing punter, SureBet247 will have an array of bonuses ready for you. For a novice customer, there’s a registration bonus and then the sports section also provides the bettor with promotional offers. On top of that, if an existing punter can bring in a new one on surebet247/mobile, he can earn 20% off his deposits. You won’t find such free bets and discounts offered by any other African bookmaker and this makes SureBet 247 to stand out in the crowd.

SureBet 247 – Can you bet through their website?

Why not? If you’re someone who’s not interested in downloading their app, you can still utilize their sportsbook throughout your chosen browser. In spite of the fact that the mobile website might not be as efficient as the app, yet their website also provides similar features and services. The website is also simple and user-friendly and the interface is easy-to-use. You can check mobile for details.

Surenet 247 FreebetThe best thing is that the customers can even register for a new account through the mobile website and they can still be entitled for a welcome bonus. This clearly means that a person logging in to the website will also enjoy equal features as the app. The sure bet new mobile login was designed to make things smoother for the players

SureBet 247 – How about their security?

As compared to other online bookmakers in Africa, SureBet 247 does ensure that they share a transparent relation with the customers regarding the security features of the app. They use 128-bit SSL encryption to make sure that each and every transaction is perfectly secure and all their personal details are kept safe in mobile.surebet247. As they’ve been around for a long time now, they can be relied on. SureBet 247 are licensed under the Lagos State Lotteries Board and Nigerian National Regulatory Commission. They are not only renowned for their fast pay-outs but are also committed to ensure that their clients aren’t deprived fraudulently off their winnings.

As one of the best betting platforms, SureBet 247 have been renowned in the industry as a reliable sportsbook that is fun, safe and lucrative for any sports bettor who prefers playing online. Among all the other sportsbooks online that are found in Nigeria, with all its glory, SureBet247 is undoubtedly one among the top platforms.


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