Terms and conditions of Viewpoint Nigeria

Before you take a plunge on to using our website www.viewpointnigeria.com, you should go through our terms and conditions so that you know the rules and regulations that you have to follow in order to use our betting site. By either using or registering with our website, you accept and agree to follow the terms and conditions of our website that are referred to therein. In case you don’t feel like accepting the terms and conditions of our website, you shouldn’t use the Services of our website.


The purpose of these terms and conditions at Viewpoint Nigeria is to offer you details on the conditions under which we accept bets. These can include the types of bets that are available with us, the maximum winnings, the betting markets, the statutory requirements at Viewpoint Nigeria, settlement of any winnings and other details that have to be adhered to. It is also the responsibility of the customer to make sure that they’re fully acquainted and familiar with the terms and conditions before placing their bets.

Restrictions of using Viewpoint Nigeria

There are few restrictions that you have to keep in mind when you access our website.  If you do the following, you won’t be able to use Viewpoint Nigeria for betting.

  • If you utilize the website in any manner that has an adverse impact on the ability of other users accessing the website, you can’t use our website.
  • If you use the website in any way that can cause damage to the website, you can’t do that.
  • If you take any action on this site which is against the Nigerian laws and regulations or against the Nigerian government, this is prohibited.
  • If you engage in harvesting of data or extraction of data or data mining or such activities with respect to the website, this can harm your access to our site.
  • If you sell, publish, use, download or reuse any material that doesn’t abide by the terms and conditions of our website, you can’t access our website.

Liability limitations

  • There’s no instance for which our website, viewpointnigeria.com can be held liable for indirect, direct, punitive or incidental damages of any sort including loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of data, breach of faith, emotional distress or otherwise.
  • Our website can’t be held responsible for any consequential, indirect or direct damage that arises out of or is related to the use of our website.
  • We may offer you with external links to third-party websites but that doesn’t mean that we have control over the content of their website. In case of any inappropriateness or inaccuracy or incompleteness, we can’t be held responsible.

Intellectual property and copyright policy

We own the website and all of its original features, content and functionality and all of that is protected and safeguarded by international trademark, copyright, trade secret and every other law that is applicable on proprietary rights and intellectual property.

Website availability

We enjoy the right to restrain the access to few parts of the website or even to the entire website due to repair, maintenance or during the introduction of new services. In case there occur any fault, you can report that to us and we will try to rectify it within a considerable amount of time.

Honesty of reviews

Once you visit Viewpoint Nigeria, you will find several client reviews where they speak both good and bad about our services and products. You can be rest assured that none of these reviews are either influenced or paid in any way by third-party services. The website has full right to utilize the reviews for any purpose, remove any review that has a bad impact on the site and also remove content while maintaining its license intact.

General terms and conditions of the website

The terms and conditions of our website can be updated at any time as per the wish of the website owner and the changes will be announced prominently on the website timeline. If you still continue to visit and use the website post these updates, you agree to accept the brand new terms and conditions. You can’t assign the obligations and rights under the Terms of Use to another entity. In case of breach of these terms and conditions due to any unavoidable or uncontrollable circumstances, we are not supposed to be held liable.

Jurisdiction and law

These above listed terms and conditions or any dispute that might arise due to them are all subject to the laws of Nigerian government. If you access the website outside Nigeria, you may even be held responsible for complying with the local laws.

So, feel free to use our betting site Viewpoint Nigeria if you understand and accept the terms and conditions and following them to the ‘T’.