The Influx of Terror Groups (Sara Suka) into Jos – Biello Nuhu

Mr. Biello Nuhu has decried the influx and infiltration of some parts of Jos, Plateau State by terror groups who he said potent great threat to peace and security in the State Capital and the entire State.

The named one of the groups as “Sara Suka” which he said has been terrorizing people of Jos North for some time now.

He urged government to demonstrate political will to nip them in the bud before they overwhelmed the security. He called on security agencies to immediate swing into action to curtail the activities of the terror group, Sara Suka that has been harassing, molesting and threatening people in some locations in Jos North. He said they carryout their activities without being arrested for prosecution.

His story is below;

On Saturday 7th April 2018 I was at Juth permanent site when a car drove in to the emergency section of the hospital, on reaching there they were struggling to bring out an unconscious young man from the car.

The medics rushed to check the patient who was stained in his own blood only to confirm him dead. From a few metres away you could see some people wailing and weeping in pain from the bad news whom you deduce are his family and friends. When we got closer they narrated how he was stabbed by “sara suka” right in front of his house .

Well for those in the muslim dominated areas in Jos it wasn’t a strange thing, they complained that the rogues operated at free will, they kill they maim and cause terror on residents without the intervention of security agencies.

They also decried that most of the terrorists fled some of the northern states to Jos were it has become a safe haven for their activities. Rikkos, gangare, kwnan shagari, congo junction have recently become flash points.

Kaduna and Bauchi have also recorded some fatalities of recent , even though less than that of Jos.
My Take on This. I will recommend the state government to take decisive measures on this topic.

The outlawed motorbikes are fully back in Jos, strange people everywhere , the control of street hawking in the terminus area, the law on registered taxi’s and tricycles. Please let some order return to Jos because if nothing is done we will be incubating a monster we can barely handle when its grown.

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The Influx of Terror Groups (Sara Suka) into Jos – Biello Nuhu

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