Vigilante Group kill armed robber along Barkin Ladi – Bokkos road

Information available to ViewPointNigeria has confirmed that an arm robber was killed by a Vigilante Group yesterday along Barkin Ladi – Bokkos road at 8:45 pm last night.

The commander of the vigilante group (Mr Ayuba Musa) who spoke to ViewPointNigeria’s correspondent confirmed that a group of 4 armed robbers had on Thursday night laid siege on the road, robbing and beating road users. This development led to several road users losing valuables and belongings, with a few oncoming vehicles even plunging into a large ditch in the vicinity, as they tried to escape the melee.

Yesterday Friday 24th at approximately 8:00pm, 4 of the robbers were said to have returned and this time around, they commenced their robbery by stopping a man and his wife –and after robbing them, they attempted to rape his wife. But un-beknownst to them, the vigilante group were lying-in-wait and launched a surprising attack, chased the robbers into nearby bushes and killed one of them.

Three of the four robbers were however said to have escaped. At the time of filing this report, the corpse of the one robber had already been recovered by the Nigeria Police.

Above: Corpse of the killed robber

Above: Corpse of the killed robber

Above: The Commander of the Vigilante Group (Ayuba Musa – first from the left) with 3 ladies rescued from a previous operation in Barkin Ladi


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Vigilante Group kill armed robber along Barkin Ladi – Bokkos road

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  • Salome

    The Vigilante Group did a good job, but it is humiliating to naked the corpse armed robber. This would serve as lesson to others. From his recovered body, the community ought to identify him to fish out his friends and the other gang members.

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